Tuesday 1 April 2014

TUC North West Annual Conference

I attended the TUC North West Annual Conference on the 29th March 2014 at Liverpool Town Hall on behalf of our branch. 

The conference hosts all different  unions  like CWU/PCS/NUT/Unison from nurses to bank workers/train drivers and construction workers.

I arrived at 9am and went on  the CWU stand until the conference started handing out union information and handing out goody bags.

The conference started with a short  film on Tony Benn and Bob Crow with ta beautiful song tribute. Then a one minute standing applause.

The emergency motion was a Bob Crow Tribute - London May Day Rally on the 1st May in london which takes place on Worker's International Day. On this day Tony Benn will also be honoured. The RMT union will be at the forefront but all are welcome to joint that day.

The general motions were about supporting demonstrations against government cuts and that the con-dems must go, privatisation and perpetual  austerity, Zero hour contracts and pay day loans. The NWRWC (North West Regional Women's Committee) has pay day loans as a motion at the CWU conference is year. A motion went through against Nick Griffin MEP and UKIP www.hopenothate.org.uk and northwest@uaf.org.uk  

The motion on  stamping out blacklisting and state surveillance by UCATT was very interesting and scary that companies are giving the government information on construction workers who ask questions about Health and Safety Issues and other issues . But this does not just happen in construction work it can happen in any company. Blacklisting can lead to imprisonment and unable to seek any other work. This is happening in this day and age. Bed room tax for the disabled people was brought up as they need a extra room for carers/wheelchairs. Another pressing issue of our times that is defeating the vulnerable members of our society.

Helen Kelly was guest speaker, she is the President of New Zealand  Council of Trades.

Mohammed Taj was also guest speaker, he is The Tuc President.

Beverley Kenyon

Health and Safety Officer
North West Health and Safety forum Women's Officer
Swiss Post Representative

0151 966 2420

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