Friday, 15 November 2013

Live and Not Die

On the 18th September I went to the Live and Not Die Annual Conference in Bolton.

Dr David Sowerby was the keyed note speaker  On The Challenges by Occupation ILL Health.
Not the James Bond film If only it was ! It was held by the North West Regional Association Of Occupational Health and Safety Group. Their aim is to work towards a Healthier working Environment.

The event went through Health motivation which means  the driving force behind the way in which someone strives to achieve a Health and Safety goal. Lack of motivation is caused by management commitment,over familiarisation with the task,fatigue. Stress is the most common one now. Other issues that were covered are Musculoskeletal issues and  Occupation  Health Helplines. Musculoskeletal is any issue that affects young people now more than ever through new technology and everybody has DSE in work put at home we do not. For example a laptop does not mean you use it on your lap and texting is the biggest cause now. So more new employees have this health problem before they enter within their employment.

I  did  this subject for my main project on this subject for my diploma this year.

Santander and Swiss Post  both have employees helplines and programmes remember to use them they are a useful tool to use. A lot of smaller companies do not have them.

If you have any  Health and Safety issues please contact the union office or myself directly.

Beverley Kenyon DIP HSWE
CWU Health and Safety Officer
Swiss Post Representative

0151 966 2420

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