Friday, 15 November 2013


I went to a Health and Safety Meeting on the 26th September in the House Of Lords, as a member of the International Institute of Risk  and Safety Management we hold regular meetings and training programmes.

Lord Mckenzie of Luton Shadow Spokesperson ( work and Pensions 2010) welcomed us and thanked everybody for all their work in Health and Safety and that within Health and Safety we are one big team  not only in the UK but internationally as well.

The keynote speaker started talking about the Asbestos the chronic health risks it can lead to like lung cancer /mesothelioma cancer  and any other lung diseases. They have a compensation scheme where people who suffer from this and family members who suffer as well though washing the work clothes and even the children when their dads give them a hug. The only industry that uses asbestos now is in the nuclear industry for lining the containers.

The Health and Safety act is 40 years old next year and is still relevant today as it was all these years ago and will be in the future with to date regulations  within the act. Professor lofstedt has said this in his updated report to the government this year.

The members who attended the meeting  have a mixture of years of experience  from 40 years to just a few years like myself. To full timers and part timers as health and safety practitioners.
We all have experience that can help our fellow practitioners  in the long run so that is why these events are so important.

Part of the meeting was a tour of Westminster The House of Lords and The House of Parliament .Very interesting a lot of walking a must do if you go to London just wear comfy shoes . Its like a little village in side. Every person should see it as it is the centre that runs the country after all.

They reminded us to make sure that people should report all accidents as the rules are changing on the 1st October this year. So please report any accidents or near misses to your manager and the nearest first aiders and your Union Health and Safety Reps/Officer.
Beverley Kenyon
Alan Kennedy
Joe Gormley

Anyone who  like to become one you are welcome to contact me.

Beverley Kenyon DIP HSWE
CWU Health and Safety Officer
Swiss Post Representative
0151 966 2420

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