Tuesday, 16 July 2013

H&S Officer at IER H&S Workshop, Liverpool

I attended a Health and Safety  workshop run by the Institute of Employment Rights in liverpool. 

A speaker from Hazards Publications spoke on “what a sorry state Health and Safety is in“ 

Globally 2.3 million people are killed in work. More workers who are building the next World cup stadium will be killed or injured than people attending the matches. 

Since the changes in government Health and Safety Regulations and Acops, like Riddor reporting, less accidents will be reported in the near future. Most workplaces have been downgraded to low risk workplaces and no workplace is low risk! There are always risks. The legal aid has been stopped now and strict liability claims  for workplace accidents and illness will reduce due to the new laws coming in on the 1st October. 

These changes have come in place due to the report by Professor Lofstedt but the government has gone further than the report  recommends. The TUC and all other unions do not agree with these changes as everyone has the right to go to work and come home safely.

Beverley Kenyon

Health and Safety Officer
North West Health and Safety forum Women's Officer
Pitney Bowes Representative

0151 966 2420

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