Sunday 21 July 2013

A Message from our H&S Officer

I have just passed my level 3 Diploma course. and would like thank  the branch for all the support they have given me on my TUC Diploma Course in Health and Safety Welfare and the Environment. The knowledge I have gained will able  me to have a higher understanding when dealing with Health and Safety matters and will give me a stronger voice In meetings with management. So this will mean a safer working environment for all our members, in the future.

The course went through the laws in Health and Safety  and using the tools like Risk Assessments and Job  Analysis/Body mapping  to identifying risks  in the workplace and how to do Audit reports.

How to do surveys and calculate the results and do a action plan in the workplace on the results found. How the environment in the workplace affects members in and out of work.

The course Went through some regulations in detail like Fire/Manual Handling and Personnel Protection Equipment also covering Asbestos Regulations.

We had to show evidence  that we are active  within Health and Safety in the workplace by photos and doing written reports and survey results. 

My overall project was on Musculoskeletal disorder from a result of a survey I did and my finding will be presented to Pitney Bowes and Santander in a form of a presentation at the next meeting.

Beverley Kenyon 
CWU Health and Safety Officer
Pitney Bowes Representative

0151 966 2420

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